Meet the REAL LIFE Henry. Henry is a stray hanging around Irishtown. He has a great character and everyone falls in love with him. They make up stories about him – ‘A Norwegian Forest Cat don’t you know. Excellent climbers. Climb the pines in the forest to look out to sea.‘ Henry adds to his notoriety – he is always up to stuff. He loves late evening in the garden chasing moths or stealing fish at lunch from my neighbour George. I started making drawings inspired by him and the stories I would hear. With your help this will be the beginning of a long and joyful story – so please spread the word. We need a publisher.

Character Originator of Henry, Mark McLaughlin, has worked in Digital Media for over 18 years. From the DTP Revolution through the Birth of the Internet to Award Winning User Interfaces and Exponential Growth for Clients Mark has the T-Shirt.

These years of experience in online design, a skill and passion for drawing comics and cartoons combined with a sound knowledge of sequential art forms has attracted Mark to the Magical, Enchanting World of Children’s Storytelling.

‘Cat. Mouse, Cheese.’ is the first Storybook.